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A World of Twins, a worldwide online community where twins, triplets and their families can experience time with other twins throughout the world, sharing stories, asking advice and seeking

Our Mission

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Thank you for reaching out with your connection here at A World of Twins.  We are excited to be connected with you, and by doing so, something GREAT has happened. You are helping twins break free from the

Our Programs

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Here at A World of Twins Community we provide something for everyone.  Share your twins journey, experiences and stories with other twins and their families around the world, organise holiday house swaps


Little Miss Organised

Little Miss Organised began in January 2011 by Bonnie Black after she had a dream to create more flexible lifestyle for her family.  Bonnie always had a knack for organisation and so she was always known as Little Miss Organised. The name seems to have stuck! Bonnie’s background is in Primary Teaching so she has a… Read more »


Twins & Triplets Amazing Stories

A World of Twins Stories & images of Australian twins, triplets and their families  Book   Can be purchased at any of these online suppliers