A World of Twins has been established by Helga Dalla, Australia's Twin Photojournalist and winner of national and international awards.  For the past five years Helga has specialised in recording the unique connections and amazing stories of twins across Australia.

Helga has photograph hundreds of sets of twins and also interviewed them in their own home environment.

This has given her an incredible insight into how life is different for families with twins. She records these amazing stories and photos in her book series ‘A World of Twins’, which are held forever in National Libraries and now become a legitimate part of Australian History.  She is about to publish her 5th book, which is a collection of 20 stories that delves deeper into the real lives of twin family life, some really funny, some really sad and all very revealing.

When Helga's out talking to twins and families of twins, in particular the mums of younger twins, three things consistently stood out to her:

  1. That they are so busy they never get a chance to capture the special moments of their twins growing up. They don’t have any great photos.
  2. They want to be a part of a community and help and support each other.
  3. And when I mentioned to them that I sponsor twins in underprivileged countries they all go, "WOW, how do you do that!"  They would love to do that but they don’t have the time, the money or the mechanism to do it.

As a result Helga developed photograph packages where she would go into their homes and capture the special connections between their twins and their families and gather information about their particular life story.

A World of Twins a worldwide online community was then designed.  A special community where twins, triplets and families of multiples can come together to discuss anything related to their unique journey in the special world of multiples. Twins, Triplets and their families can experience time with other twins throughout the world, sharing stories, asking advice and making life long friendships.  Members can find the answers to any concerns with the help of others who understand what they are going through.

Our community at A World of Twins and Twins of Australia sponsor twins from disadvantaged countries. At the moment our community sponsor four beautiful sets of twins (eight children) and our goal is to sponsor 100.  We can do that collaboratively as a community.© A World of Twins

A World of Twins mission is to help twins, triplets and families of multiples come together, share their stories and experiences, support each other and as a community collaboratively make a massive difference to the lives of twins in need.

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