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As a lead on from my earlier blog post "We're having twins again", I thought it timely to share with you some thoughts from my almost 4 year old twins Amelia and Sophie. One about being twins and two, what they think about having more twins in the family.

What is the best thing about being a twin?

Amelia: “Having fun with your twin.”
Sophie: “Loving each other.”

Can you describe a special moment you have experienced by being a twin?

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Amelia, “playing with toys and painting with Sophie.”

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Sophie, “going outside to play with each other and playing tiggy.”

What would you like to share with the community about your experiences of being a twin?

Amelia: “That they will have so, so, so much fun being a twin.”
Sophie: “It’s nice to be a twin.”

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What is the funniest moment that you have experienced as twins?

Amelia: “Tickling each other so much that we laugh.”
Sophie: “Telling jokes with each other.”

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What do you think about having another set of twins in the family?

Amelia: “I’m so excited because I love babies and there are two of them.”
Sophie: “I think babies will like me and will have fun and I’m very excited.”

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