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Hello A World of Twins. When Helga asked if I wanted to be a part of this community I was so excited, it is a privilege to be part of such a great initiative that not only brings people together, but also brings help and hope to others who are in need.

I am passionate about providing families and carers with practical advice on what to do in an emergency situation. I would love to share and empower parents and families of twins, triplets and more with step-by-step advice on how to help their precious little ones safely and effectively should an accident happen.

So by way of introduction, my name is Sarah Hunstead and I am a paediatric emergency nurse, mother of two gorgeous girls and the founder of CPR Kids.

At CPR Kids we empower parents and families with the lifesaving skills of baby and child CPR & First Aid. Since my first day in the profession I felt an intrinsic passion for paediatric emergency care and with over 13 years spanning two major metropolitan children’s hospitals in two cities, my dedication and aptitude for caring for children in emergency situations, evolved into CPR Kids.

CPR KiDS was established in 2012 – a baby and child specific First Aid training provider. All of our instructor are midwives, paediatric nurses or paramedics, who have experienced first hand everything we teach. We know that first aid classes can be boring and irrelevant - so ours is deliberately different. Not only is it tailored to each individual class, you actually have fun whilst learning!

We know that a first aid class is only the first part of your learning, so I have recently published my first book, A life. A finger. A pea up a nose. A practical guide to baby and child First Aid.

'A life, A finger. A pea up a nose' gives realistic, practical advice for families on what to do in an emergency situation. From resuscitation, broken bones, choking, drowning, splinters and everything in between, this essential guide empowers families with step by step advice on how to help their most precious little ones safely and effectively if an accident does happen.

Written by Senior Paediatric Emergency Nurse and mother of 2, Sarah Hunstead, Sarah draws on her extensive experience as a nurse and mother. Unlike other first aid manuals, Sarah draws on her wealth of experience and weaves these anecdotes into her writing making it a thoroughly entertaining read as well as a treasure trove of advice."


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