Beginning of CPRKiDs

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Hello A World of Twins. When Helga asked if I wanted to be a part of this community I was so excited, it is a privilege to be part of such a great initiative that not only brings people together, but also brings help and hope to others who are in need. I am passionate… Read more »

A Sanctuary for Dads with Multiples

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Have you seen more twins in recent years? It’s not your imagination. Multiple births are on the way up in Australia – 4550 sets were born in 2013, which is a jump of 36 per cent since 1991. That’s a lot more mums nervously watching the screen as the ultrasound technician detects more than one… Read more »

Two To Love

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Hello A World of Twin community members, I’m so excited to join forces here online with everyone that helps support twins in underprivledged countries. It’s comforting to know that as a group, together we stand to make a larger impact on the quality of those living less fortunate than ourselves. By way of introduction, my name… Read more »

Multiple Birth Awareness Week

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Australian Multiple Birth Association Multiple Birth Awareness Week – 8-15 March 2015 “T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More” In 2015 we’re acknowledging the teams that are involved in helping to raise twins, triplets or more and showing how, by working together, we can help families to thrive, not just survive.  AMBA part of their team… Read more »

Introducing Dr. Friedman

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Dr. Friedman is a prominent and well-respected twin expert who shares her passionate views and insights about twins and their emotional needs with twins and their families throughout the world. The fact that she is an identical twin and the mother of five, including fraternal twin sons, makes her ideally suited to this task. Her… Read more »

Different Twins

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These twins couldn’t look anymore different   Lucy and Maria Aylmer are fraternal twins but most people don’t believe them because they look totally different. Lucy has fair skin and red hair, while Maria has caramel skin and dark hair. The biracial twins, 18-year-olds from Gloucester, U.K., were born to a Caucasian father and half-Jamaican… Read more »

Birthday party for twins

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Story contributed by Mother of Twins Planning a birthday party for twins (as well as going to twins’ birthday party) can be somewhat challenging. I have had some time to think about it for the last two years and this is what I believe to be fair game: I am sure everyone agrees that we need… Read more »