Kian & Remee – beautiful black and white twins turn seven

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I stumbled across this beautiful story about twins with different colour skin…thought it fascinating and worth sharing with the twin community here. Firstly, I would like to thank Lucy Laing who wrote this article. It can usually be difficult to tell twins apart – but not this pair. These beautiful twins share the same cheeky… Read more »

Twisted Cords & Monitors…our MoMo Twins Journey

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Have you wondered what “MoMo” twins are, heard the terminology but not quiet understood? Monoamniotic twins are identical twins that share the same amniotic sac within their mother’s uterus. Monomniotic twins are always identical, always monochorionic and are usually termed Monoamniotic-Monochorionic (MoMo) twins. They also share the placenta, but have two separate umbilical cords. Monoamniotic… Read more »

Birthday party for twins

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Story contributed by Mother of Twins Planning a birthday party for twins (as well as going to twins’ birthday party) can be somewhat challenging. I have had some time to think about it for the last two years and this is what I believe to be fair game: I am sure everyone agrees that we need… Read more »

Meet Kenzi Louise & Keoni Renee

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Sharna Delint: Butler, Western Australia Our 5 month old twins Kenzie and Keoni were born at 37 weeks. I have birth naturally having been induced and they were born 29 minutes apart. Having the girls meant going from 2 to 4 kids, which is a huge difference. We had to upgrade our car and in… Read more »

Our twins are turning 21

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Joanne & Adrian Davis : Graigie, Western Australia Our identical twin girls Kerrie and Linsey were born 6 weeks early, weighing 4lb 6oz and 4lb 10oz and 50 minutes apart and kept in hospital for 6 weeks. They turn 21 next weekend, which will be a double celebration, we’re so proud. Gosh so how has… Read more »

The beginnings of our twin journey

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Kate & Marc Trenfield : Gingin, Western Australia Our 4.5 month old twins Rhys and Matthew were born at 37 weeks by planned c-section. How has having twins affected our lives? We have had to upgrade our car, change our plans to where children would sleep, nothing too major really. Some unique and special moments… Read more »

Our Family is Now Complete!!

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Ryan and Mel Vivian: Western Australia Ryan and Mel, proud parents to 18 month old identical twins Jai and Nate. Our twins were born 8.5 weeks early and spent 2.5 months in hospital. Our life was already crazy with 4 daughters, but it’s even crazier now! Jai and Nate have bought us lots of love… Read more »

Israel & Sephora

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Meet twins Israel W and Sephora B Sawadogo Location: Zangwetin, Kaya, Burkina Faso Born: 24 August 2005 Project: Apostolic Church Kaya Child Development Sponsorship: March 2013           Sephora                                               Israel Our sponsored… Read more »