Bouchida & Obeida

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Meet sponsored twins Bouchida and Obeida Belem Location: Secteur 24 N1, 8km east of Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso Born: 10 May 2009 Project: BF-612, AD Secteur 24 N1 Bobo Child Development Centre Sponsorship: September 2014 Bouchida Belem:  Bouchida lives with her father and her mother.  Her duties at home include caring for children and doing odd jobs.   There are… Read more »

Yeah We’re Published

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I have some really exciting news that I just had to share 🙂  I received confirmation from the Legal Deposits section of the National Library of Australian that my book, ‘A World of Twins : stories and images of Australian Twins and Triplets and their families has been catalogued and is now officially a part of Australian History…. Read more »

Choices for Parents of Twins

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Twin Parenting Dilemmas Issues and Choices for Parents of Twins By Twins & Multiples Expert, Prindle Fierro Parenting is full of tough choices. In the twins community, there are several parenting issues that create dilemmas. Parents want to do the best thing for their children, but sometimes there is not a clear choice. With multiples, parents… Read more »

Giggles in the Sink

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Mum can’t Stop Laughing, Mum gives her daughters a ‘sink bubble bath’ A mother put her nine month old twin daughters in the sink for a warm bubble bath, she wasn’t expecting such an epic giggle fest. This is the first time they’ve had a double bath…’sink full of bubbles bath’. Their laugh is so… Read more »

Multiple Birth Awareness Week

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Australian Multiple Birth Association Multiple Birth Awareness Week – 8-15 March 2015 “T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More” In 2015 we’re acknowledging the teams that are involved in helping to raise twins, triplets or more and showing how, by working together, we can help families to thrive, not just survive.  AMBA part of their team… Read more »

Introducing Dr. Friedman

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Dr. Friedman is a prominent and well-respected twin expert who shares her passionate views and insights about twins and their emotional needs with twins and their families throughout the world. The fact that she is an identical twin and the mother of five, including fraternal twin sons, makes her ideally suited to this task. Her… Read more »