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Hello, my name is Amanda,

I wanted to share with the community this exciting and overwhelming news that gave birth to my twins and a business.

After spending my first trimester struggling with nausea and my second trimester renovating my home, my twins arrived early in my third trimester at just 32 weeks!

I am very protective of my little angels, as any mumma would be, and I think because they were so tiny and fragile coming into the world so early, I was even more conscious of the products I used on their skin.

I wasn’t happy with the range of products in the market claiming to be designed for babies that were not as wholesome as they appeared and I wouldn’t even put on my own skin. So I decided to develop a range of skincare for babies that would truly nurture and protect the oh-so-delicate skin of tiny babies.

I started researching, formulating and testing, and finally eight months after my twins arrived, my other baby, Peakoh Baby was launched into the world.

Peakoh Baby currently provides massage oil designed specifically for the delicate skin of babies. A range of other skin care with quality natural and organic ingredients to nurture and protect bubs will be available soon.

You can check them out in the Business Directory Section online.

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By: Amanda Schumacher

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