Thank you for reaching out and connecting with A World of Twins Community.

By doing so something GREAT has happened, you are helping twins break free from the vicious cycle of poverty by connecting with the community here online. With your help we have been able to partner with Compassion to work with local churches around the World to foster the spiritual, economic, social, physical and emotional development of twins living in extreme poverty.

A World of Twins Compassion Children ©

Santata & Ousseni Sawadogo (4yrs), from Burkina Faso

I believe that every business has the power to change lives by giving back through its everyday business activities. Community spirit has been critical in my journey and I am committed to sharing this ‘love’ around. Doing this together with you, A World of Twins Community, is a simple but powerful example of putting this belief into action. Together we unite to fight extreme poverty through the world’s most precious resource: its children.

A World of Twins Compassion ©

Israel & Sephora Sawadogo (9yrs), from Burkina Faso

© A World of Twins

Sponsorship - Our aim at is to coordinate and help ensure the longevity of the twins we sponsor.  The equivalent of 15 members joining our community at will support a set of twins.  By doing this collectively through aworldoftwins ensures that should any of our members decide to leave our online community over time we have a better chance of continuing with new subscriptions and ensuring our twins are safely and continuously sponsored and supported.

If you are a multiples group with 15 or more members that are keen to join our community here at, for the cost of less than an apple a day,'collectively' $6.95 each, we could allocate a set of twins to your group to correspond and write letters and get to know your sponsored set(s) of twins.   This would be managed through and would need to be documented and blogged online to share with our community our twins progress and communication.  All members need to be able to see and read about the the development and welbeing of the twins we sponsor collectively as a community, hence the blogging and documentation of their progress online.

A World of Twins are also hoping to be able to provide gifts to the children for birthdays and their families at Christmas - such as $10 (toothbrushes), $15 (mozzie nets), $20 (Veggie Seeds), $18 (chicken), $75 (clean water unit), $45 (goat), $55 (books), $85 (pig) etc

So again thank you: not just for connecting here at A World of Twins, but for also making a huge difference in a child’s life. If you wish to find out how you can contribute to the fund please contact us here online alternatively JOIN US for $6.95 to collectively make a difference, About Us Video. Thank you, together, we’ve made a huge impact.

Warm Regards


Helga Dalla

Photojournalist, Author &

Founder of A World of Twins