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Australian Multiple Birth Association

Multiple Birth Awareness Week – 8-15 March 2015

“T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More”

In 2015 we’re acknowledging the teams that are involved in helping to raise twins, triplets or more and showing how, by working together, we can help families to thrive, not just survive.  AMBA part of their team can produce real benefits to the mental health and coping skills of parents. Many people are unaware of the mental health benefits of joining a support group; support groups can be a great place to access a community, find services, practical tips, resources and social events with like-minded people.
Multiple Birth Awareness Week (MBAW), 8-15 March 2015, aims to raise awareness of the important work done by the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) and local clubs around Australia in supporting families and the community.

The theme for 2015 is “T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More”.

Everyone from the immediate and extended family, friends, friends of friends or even the kind person you meet in a shop who asks if you are OK is part of the team. Some families don't have access to a team, which can be quite upsetting or daunting when faced with a multiple birth, and that’s where AMBA can help.

“Building a team and learning to say yes to help while pregnant with my triplets made a world of difference to our family”, says Ali Mountifield, mother of triplets and AMBA Communications Director. "Most parents will tell you bringing home a new baby is life-changing, but two babies, or three or even four babies at a time, well, that can be really tough. There is research showing that mothers of multiples have almost twice the risk of developing depression due to a number of factors, including social isolation. Fathers or partners can also experience mental health problems around this time. To reduce or prevent that, we joined our local AMBA club for advice and, as a result of that advice, we pulled together a team of 10 volunteers to help care for the babies.”

AMBA has a growing list of events including Australia’s equivalent of Twinsburg, the Twins Plus Festival, for MBAW around Australia; we invite you to contact us or go to our club finder page online to find a contact for your local AMBA club or to organise a photo of a local family with twins, triplets or more."

AMBA is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation comprising of multiple birth families. The organisation provides support, resources and education to multiple birth families from “those who know”.

Ali Mountifield, AMBA Communications Director
Mobile: 0411 250 758

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