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Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon are our unique 8 year old triplets. Amazingly, they are 'natural', fraternal, and were all born with a rare genetic disorder; Mersosin Deficient Muscular Dystrophy, (a non-progessive type, with normal life expectancy). This means that they have weak muscles, and rely on power wheelchairs. Yes, there are three power wheelchairs in our home!
Needless to say, our family situation is 'one in a million'.

Raising twins or triplets with special needs is definitely a challenge. Especially so when you don't fit in an average house. That is our daily reality.


As you enter our narrow hallway, you can't get far without being surrounded by 3 sets of power wheelchairs, accompanied by three talkative kids; stories and chatter resounding off the walls, sentences overlapping each other, vying for your attention. (Not to mention our exuberant black labrador who will bound deftly between the wheels to enthusiastically welcome you!)

Meet Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon Read, typical 8 year old siblings, as different as chalk and cheese, and as bright as buttons.


It was a huge surprise for my husband Ben and I to learn we were expecting triplets. It was confirmed only 8 weeks before they were born. But a bigger shock was to come.

We had no idea they were born with Muscular Dystrophy.

Diagnosed at 18mths, they drove their first power wheelchairs at 2 years old, and life suddenly took us in an unexpected direction. We needed to stop work and became full time carers, adapting our lives around the kids special needs.

Now, at 8 years old and growing quickly, they are in year 3 at our local public school, and for some time Ben and I have felt the urgent need of a home that is not just wheelchair friendly- but highly accessible, for three rapidly growing wheelchair users, who long to be as independent as possible. After looking at many options, Ben and I decided to build a purpose-built house that meets our triplets long term special needs in the best possible way.

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But the reality is that we can't build this 'miracle house' on our own, (both being full time carers, with limited income). So we are fundraising to fill the gap. To find out more about our story, or how to donate, head over to our blog Raising A Roof 4 Read Triplets, or check out our Facebook Page 'Realising For The Read Triplets', or simply google youtube for 'the read triplets miracle house'

You are welcome to join our journey and help Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon realise their dreams!
Thanks a million.
-Jemimah Read,
Canowindra, NSW

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