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11-17 May 2015

"Give Happy, Live Happy"


This National Volunteer Week

help us make Australia the happiest place on earth!

Click here to check out the Give Happy, Live Happy web portal including a range of resources for organisations and individuals to help celebrate National Volunteer Week.


The Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) is joining Volunteering Australia to celebrate National Volunteer Week (NVW) with their theme of “Give Happy. Live Happy.” This is a great time to recognise all of the volunteers that run AMBA and local clubs around Australia. As a 100% volunteer-powered organisation, AMBA wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for hundreds of amazing parents of multiples who volunteer their time to help others.

Ali Mountifield, Communications Director of AMBA and mum of triplets, said “I get so much out of volunteering and wasn’t surprised to read that research shows that if people start volunteering two hours a week, their happiness, satisfaction and self-esteem go up a year later. It always amazes me that even while juggling twins, triplets or more we seem to find time to help others and I think the statement ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person’ is so true.”

Ali shares her story in Chapter 18, University of Life, in 'A World of Twins' : Stories and images of Australian twins, triplets and their families.  The author Helga Dalla said, "I met Ali and her family through her local multiples birth club in Canberra.  A busy mother to six year old triplets Hannah, Lucy and Oscar, Ali somehow finds the energy to volunteer a huge part of her time to supporting multiple birth families across Australia.  Her story further convinces me of the vital support these clubs offer to parents and the benefits of volunteering."

Amanda Hayes, Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association (CARMBA) member is another special lady who devotes a lot of time to volunteering for her local multiple birth club.  Her enthusiasm and tenacity to push through the tough times have always inspired me.  Amanda loves a personal challenge, and raising twins certainly falls into that category.

You can read more about these two amazing ladies who have made volunteering a part of their life in A World of Twins story book here.

National Volunteer Week is a great time for the AMBA Appreciation Awards nominations to be opened.  The awards give AMBA the opportunity to recognise clubs and members within our multiple birth communities who have gone above and beyond the job roles which they have held and contributed significantly to their local club, multiple birth families in their community, their state or at a national or international level. This is now your opportunity to nominate someone for an AMBA Appreciation Award. Nominations need to be received by 30th August 2015 and will be announced at convention held in Adelaide in October.

As part of NVW we’re working to create a pool of volunteers, if you're interested in volunteering you might like to join the AMBA Volunteers Facebook group or email for more information.


  • Volunteering results in a "helper's high", a powerful physical and emotional feeling experienced when directly helping others.
  • Volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don't volunteer
  • 96% of volunteers say that it 'makes people happier'.
  • 95% of volunteers say that volunteering is related to feelings of wellbeing.
  • Just a few hours of volunteer work makes a difference in happiness and mood.
  • Sustained volunteering is associated with better mental health!
  • Altruistic emotions and behaviours are associated with greater well-being, and longevity.
  • A strong correlation exists between the well-being, happiness, health and longevity of people who are emotionally kind and compassionate in their charitable helping activities.
  • The experiences of helping others provides meaning, a sense of self-worth, a social role and health enhancement.
  • Volunteering is highly associated with greater health and happiness.
  • Volunteers contribute $200 billion to the Australian economy annually.
  • The number of volunteers in Australia has doubled from 1995 (3.2 million) to 2010 (6.1 million)
  • The rate of volunteering by young people in Australia increased from 16% in 1995 to 27.1% in 2010.
  • Of the 600,000 not for profit organisations in Australia only 60,000 have paid staff.

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