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I have some really exciting news that I just had to share ūüôā¬† I¬†received confirmation from the Legal Deposits section of the National Library of Australian that my book, 'A World of Twins :¬†stories and images of Australian Twins and Triplets and their families has been¬†catalogued and is now officially a part of Australian History. ¬†The book has been recorded and is now available via the National Library catalogue and Trove, the search service for all Australian resources, visit¬†Trove website¬† Purchase the book here


This book captures unforgettable moments in the real lives of 17 Australian twin and 3 triplet families.  It also includes candid shots of everyday life within these special households.  Parents' honest and inspirational and heartwarming stories tell of love and beauty, surprise and risk, joy and heartache.


150322 - Twins+Festival-2015-11

Photo: Helga with Noah and Bailey at the launch in Melbourne

Meet Noah and Bailey, who feature on the front cover of the book as well as in the first chapter in the book 'The Eyes Have It'.  In 2013, I met Archie and Robyn and identical twins Noah and Bailey from Melbourne.  There was something unique about these 20-month-old boys.  Otherwise identical in appearance, the boys' beautiful eyes are different colours - I hadn't encountered this before.  The first photography I took was of the boys on the toy box in their bedroom.  They sat there quietly and stared, still unsure about me and a little reserved.  You can see that very photo on the front cover of this book.


150322 - Twins+Festival-2015-8

Photo Helga with Dempsey and Belkey at the launch in Melbourne

Meet Dempsey and Belkey, these cute twins feature with their family in Chapter 14 'Follow Your Heart'.  While big families are common in developing countries, the average household size in societies like Australia is decreasing.  And, as Stacey and Chesney found out, there's a certain social stigma attached to families with lots of children.  I first met this happy family of eight in 2013 and what instantly stood out to me was the thought and planning that had gone into their family home.  The backyard, with its lovely kids' play area and veggie patch, looked out over a paddock of cows so that it felt like a farm and not suburbia.  The eldest of the six kids was eight-year-old Presley and the youngest was five-month-old baby Jerzey.  Between are Remey, Melvey, and twins Dempsey and Belkey.  My camera and I had our work cut out for us.


150330 - Lilly_Lola_AWOTBook-1-2   150330 - Lilly_Lola_AWOTBook-2-2

Photo: Lilly & Lola and proud little sister Ruby with a copy of the book

Introducing Lilly and Lola, who feature in Chapter 5 'And Then There Were Three'. I met Katy and Pete and their identical twins Lilly and Lola in 2010 in their family home on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.  Lilly and Lola were nearly four, and Katy was pregnant with Ruby.  Lilly and Lola were the cutest little girls with blond hair framing petite and curious faces, so alike it was mesmerising.  As theirs was one of the first fails to join my twins project, my memories of our time together are very precious.  I meet up with Pete and Katy each year for their family photos.  Lilly and Lola were almost six at their second photo session and that's when I met Ruby.  The three girls featured in my promotional video. When I rocked up with the film crew they were a little apprehensive, but that didn't last long.  Once they saw themselves on film, a whole new side of the girls shone through.  We then had three girls eager to get in front of the camera, being themselves.  It was beautiful to watch.


150329 - Olivia-13  150329 - Olivia-19

Photo: Andrew & Lauren with Olivia

Meet Patrick and Olivia, who feature in Chapter 11, An Angel for Our Princess.  As an active member of the Sunshine Coast Multiple Birth Association (SCMBA) I see regular posts on their social media about local activities.  In 2014 I saw a post that was getting a lot of responses.  It was from a mum who had lost one of her twins, Patrick and decided to leave the online social support group.  I ached for her loss, and wondered how I could help.  I was so grateful when Lauren and Andrew agreed to share their story and beautiful poem for Patrick from his dad.

These are just a few of the wonderful families that share their personal stories.  Read about growing up with twins as siblings, and learn about the practicalities of raising twins and triplets.

These moving tales of adventure and adversity will reveal to you the extraordinary connections between infant and adult twins.

Here's how twins, triplets and their families can get involved

Join our community online here and share your story.  Meet other families with twins for friendships and to exchange stories, advice and support.  By doing so you'll be helping twins in need.  A portion of book sale proceeds goes towards sponsoring twins less fortunate, making a massive difference to their live by supporting their food, shelter, education, health and safety needs.   Our Mission!

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